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Unless I've missed it, there's no way to transfer all items of the same type to-or-from storage, only individual stacks, or to transfer everything. It would be nice if you could ctrl-click a stack to transfer all items of the same type.

EDIT: You can apparently hold ctrl and then drag and drop a stack to do this, but it doesn't make sense to me that shift-clicking works, but ctrl-click doesn't.
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Or like minecraft, while dragging an item shift-double left clicking will move all items of same type either from stash to your inventory or reverse. Would be a nice QoL.
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Or even ctrl+shift click would probably be acceptable if necessary.
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This would be so useful.

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Actually it is possible, but you cannot only click it.

In order to do so you must drag and drop the item while holding ctrl key.

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Thanks! I still think it should work by just clicking.
If shift-clicking works without having to drag items, so should ctrl-click.
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I've found that the hold ctrl method is very hit or miss, sometimes it doesn't do it the first time then while still holding it down I do the next one and it pulls them all...it can definitely be easier.  Ctrl+left click to move them all without dragging would be nice.
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And it has to be the left CTRL key, which is useless for left handed who want to use keys on the right side of the keyboard
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What I've seen is it's CTRL being held when you LET GO. It doesn't matter when you're picking it up. Most times it fails because it's not being held long enough.
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As mentioned by other posts, it will work if you drag an item and then hold the ctrl key and then let go of the item into the destination.

It is however specific in the way you do it. You MUST only hold the Ctrl key AFTER you click and hold the item for it to work.

I do however agree that holding Ctrl and double clcking an item should work, as well as allowing Ctrl to be held down before dragging.
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Yeah, Shift-Click works to move a whole stack at once.

Holding a right-click can adjust amounts.

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you can double click to move a stack at once
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Moving a stack and moving all items of the same type are not the same thing.
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It's counterintuitive when you try it on fuel. Because shift/ctrl click does not function.
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I don't know if this was added to the game after you posted the question, but if you ctrl-drag an item it will move "all"  of the same type.
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