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Not sure, but my thinking is : 60 => 120 => 240, not 270... I think it's a typo. If not, then just cofirm 270, it matters when you start dividing screws at high speeds heh ^^
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More is better :D
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This bothered me too. I'd rather it be consistent. I don't care about the extra 30, I want predictable game functionality damn it!
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it IS moving at 270, Mk 4 messes this all up by not being double.  My OCD can't handle it!!!! :P
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Yeah I also noticed meanwhile that if you overclock the screw production by 50%; you end up with 135 screws per minute, 135 X 2 = 270, so I'm guessing the math adds up if you overclock 2 screw producers...
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mk4 is 450 - which is 5 x the 90/min   or 7.5 x  a 60/min   so while they havn't doubled it every time - it gives flexibility, esp as you can hit something with a splitter to a slow belt and cut what you need away :-)
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