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SOLVED: I had a tractor that was stuck in water and kept recording path. Deleting that tractor removed the path and got FPS back to normal.


Played the game for about 35 hours. When I started my FPS was nice above 30. As I progressed with building my factories the framerate got lower and lower, now I'm around 7 FPS. The framerate is low also far away from factories and doesn't responds much to changing graphics setting. My assumption is that the factory is consuming CPU and that in turn bounds the FPS.

Edit: Tried changing settings to low and to high (on 4K), in both cases FPS is at 7. On low the GPU usage averages around 20 % and CPU around 17 %, on high GPU avarages around 50 % and CPU around 18 %.

The FPS keeps at 7 everywhere I go.


Low settings


High settings

The orange line in first graph and the highlited row on the left represents Satisfactory.

Edit 2: my specs:
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770S CPU @ 3.10GHz
GPU: Radeon R9 390
Mem: 16 GB

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I have a feeling that this problem is related to the amount of items being transported on conveyor belts. At first, I've built a very compressed factory with, obviously, quite short conveyor belts. Then I restructured the factory, so it is more efficient now and has less facilities than the prevoius build, but the conveyor belts are like three times longer and now I have FPS problems too while the game was running super smooth before the restructurig.
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@Tabassco_Sweet yeah, that's my assumtption too. I have quite a lot of long belts.
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I have similar issues on my multiplayer save. No settings changed the fps, and when I looked at cpu and gpu usage it was under 30%.
Today I started a new save and the cpu is throtteling at max on 2 cpu nodes. I checked and tried to reallocate cpu usage to designated cores as well.
I use a 16 core Threadripper and 1080TI
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Also found that Clearing temp files (run command %temp%) and reinstalling C++ x86 & 64 did a lot for late game performance on this game. but the tractor issue may have been a route cause as it still gets slower and slower over time. i shall find the truck that ran off and delete its a**.

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On Discord there was mention of this issue:


Loading a save takes very long.

We’ve identified the issue to be that on those saves one or more vehicles that have been set to recording a path were not turned off, which made them continuously generate path nodes that bloat the save file.


If you catch that your loading times are starting to take longer than a few minutes, make sure that none of your Vehicles are standing idle and recording. If you have a very large base, loading times can go up to several minutes but anything over 10 minutes is most likely a problem.

We are implementing a proper fix for this at the moment and aim to get it out with the next update.

I had a tractor that was stuck in water and kept recording path. Deleting that tractor removed the path and got my FPS back to normal.

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If your CPU is throttling with too much computations it might influence your FPS.
How does it look in taks manager?
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Updated my posts with more details and screenshots of task manager.
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I'm not sure if engine itself has trouble dealing with too many moving objects - but this should be affected with visibility restriction.
I'm starting with new factory today (since i managed to get rid of ghost players bug) and we will see. Last time i did whole road from 3 oil fields going on the surface of the lake till it reached waterfall and then down the road to the base near 3 iron ore deposits - it was made with 4 line of belts 3 separate to transport barrels and one backward as a quick transport back to fields.
Don't know how many of belts you got there but the one i made had tons of moving object and FPS was pretty good.
Btw what is your PC spec?
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Changing visibiliy range has no effect on FPS.
As my resources CPU/GPU are not used to the max (It looks like that not even one core is used to max), I do suspect there are some issues in the game optimization, something that makes the game tick wait for some reason...
Belts are the only thing that comes to mind that could be causing this kind of issues IMHO (except for some kind of wierd bugs like forgoten sleep(1) :)), there is not much else happening. I have one Mk3 belt like you from oil, one similarly long from coal and then bunch of belts 200-400 m longs and a then a lot of shorter belts.
Added my spec to the first post.
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