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Let me explain.

I'm playing solo and to improve my factory some changes are needed, to make it happen destruction of your old system is necessary. I wish they add a system to erase all of our construction to re start fresh. What donyou think guys ?
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It's called "New Game"
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And ? They can do whatever they want with the game.. I think that can be good to have this mechanic in the game.. I wasn't complaining wtf
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Were you responding to Revenge? Because his comment wasn't rude at all. I can certainly see how you might have taken it that way, but he's not wrong. You very much described starting a new game. Also, deleting a factory doesn't take long. You can deconstruct stuff really, really fast. And you can also deconstruct your hub, in case you weren't sure.
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Yeah - if you wanna loose hours and hours of gained inventory.  Once you get a better understanding of the game you'll want to remove the lame early attempt as building stuff - but not loose all the inventory and milestones you HAVE achieved.

Thus: Some form of 'rapid/group' deconstruct WOULD be useful.
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