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This could just be me but I feel that we could really use the sorters earlier on in the game rather than later.

By the time you'd unlock tier 6 & 7 I figure most people would have built up most of their factory. Sorting seems like such an essential thing to have.

Especially with truck stations since at the current moment you need a 2 additional stations for each type of cargo you want to carry per single truck

Just my two cents!
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Exactly. Most of the fun of organising your factory is locked away until you don't really need it. You should be able to sort and filter from the beginning.
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Yeah, I was really looking forward to this game, and I still like the aspect of experiencing all this for the first time, but damn building a factory is a huge, huge chore right now. It's easily the least fun part of the game IMO, which is a big problem. I set up a production line for molecular frames, and just trying to get it to meet the resource requirements for the base clock speed of the assembler is a challenge. It's to the point that half the time I just want to craft shit by hand, but feel bad and end up not doing it because it defeats the purpose of the game.
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