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Hi all,

After Open Alpha I bought the full game. In my save the MAM is stuck - any item I find I cannot research it. I'm meeting the requirements. The button is greyed out, and it says that my progress is 0%. Got this issue since the 19th. Reopened the game, tried to replace the hub. So far I've got the same thing with both alien stuff and slime. I will update this post after i explore the game more.



Updated with video and additional things:



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I would advise a New Game start. Some of the changes they made cause issues with the Test Weekend saves.
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I was told everything will be working fine, so i'm not planning to restart the 20h save.
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Your choice. It's EA - things rarely go as planned. If that's an issue, maybe you should you wait for 1.0 release. I realize it's aggravating but it happens in EA.
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New game start?? Seriously?? I have a similar bug and I do not intend in any way to abandon my save of hours and hours played because of bugs, I hope that there is a solution.
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I had this when on my friends game as client. If you click the research, insert the required materials then click something else and go back to the one you inserted the materials for the button is yellow again and can be clicked. - That worked for me, can't say for sure if it'll work for you.
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Tried. Didn't work. :/
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Delete the Hub and replace it, worked for me
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