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Add a version of the walls that allow power lines to be connected on both sides and allow power to flow from one electrified wall to another.  This would allow power to transfered to the interior of a building and allow machines to be connected to nearby walls.
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I was going to suggest something similar. It could be a simple wall panel similar to the conveyer wall. It could have a power connecter on each side of the wall panel. With 1 allowed connection on each side, that would allow to connect it to a power pole on the outside and a power pole on the inside. With 3 connections on each side, you could run power along panels on the inside and still connect a power poles at intervals.

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While this has been mentioned before, I personally, not only dislike the idea, (it's kinda fun to add the poles into your resource/space management - don't forget, efficiency is key) I really don't think it would work very well in this game, and there are items later that come with the description of "the high speed connector connects many cables and wires in a very efficient way" and while I not used it yet, perhaps this will be used in tidying up all of your power cables?

Though what I do know is that if you connect multiple generators to the same wire then all of the available power is running through that and being divided equally between all of the generators attached to it
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