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Just spent my first hour in-game trying to get my stuff back from my death chest, but failed because of the wildlife camps it and are too hard to kill with the stun gun. Have multiple things ramming me while this other alien thing is shooting fire at me... Having a hard time enjoying the game because of this.
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As someone who has the gun and has basically finished the content in the alpha at this point, i have had no problem at any point with any of the enemies ive encountered.

The speedy bois as others have said are very easy once you learn their moves (i.e. jump over them), the fire guys are a bit tougher but still die very easy to the taser. I even had no issue with one of the bigger boss type speedy bois I found.

I actually think the "Rebar Gun" is worse that the taser, it takes much more to kill and nothing I encountered was particularly more dangerous at melee range.
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I stated my adventure into the game by falling into a ravine, where i got attacked and killed by a spider looking creature. I was sure that all creatures would kill me on sight.

After finishing the alpha content, can i now say that none of the creatures in this game is hard to kill once you understand their abilities.
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Running away from the fire-spitters is hard. They follow the player for ages. I feel they should decrease their chase range.
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Just wait until you run into their big, red mouth brothers or their smaller green mouth brothers. I won't spoil it, but they all function differently. It certainly ups the challenge of combat. The big shocker stick helps immensely.
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the chargers are fairly easy to fight with the taser, strafe jump and turn towards them, it has farther reach than youd expect.
 The fire spitters are super easy, they show an animation as they go to spit, the moment they do you strafe and avoid it and close the gap to hit with a taser. I killed a large spitter with just the taser this morning in the desert start(decided to do a second playthrough after i maxed tech on my first save)
It takes time to get used to their attack patterns, but they are incredibly easy to fight. Only challenge I've had so far was giant spiders, and only because i had mistakenly had my rebar gun out instead of a taser.
Rebar gun is good for one thing to me, use it to destroy the pods that explode into bugs from a distance far enough that they dont aggro, then you can pick off the bugs and not take any damage. Rebar is also great for picking at enemies outside of aggro range or below you.

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I'd suggest that the best solution to this issue is a simple tweak to the AI - if creature is in the vicinity of a dead player, it should have a chance of engaging a wandering behaviour that moves it away from the body for a decent time, and doesn't return to normal behaviour until some time later.  The chance of moving, the distance it moves away, and the time taken to return to normal should all be higher with less play time, and higher still if there is no Hub placed yet - this way, players just wandering to find a decent start point, or checking out the area around their newly minted base, don't accidentally end up having to restart to continue.
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