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in multiplayer a specific gas plant is not shown for anyone thats not the host. 

please see attached photo (link above)

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This does not only happen with wildlife, but with buildings as well.

I've had multiple occasions in which my friend could not see a powerpole that i just placed, or was standing in the air on an invisible foundation i just placed (i'm the host)

Sometimes moving vehicles would disappear as well. Riding along a truck you can hear, but not see was weird too~
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Sure thing, Magistrella, but it's 100% reproducible with that particular enemy type.
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Ah, so that plant always doesn't show up?

Gotta find it then and see if this happens to us as well o.o
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Confirmed. No one except host can see the spore flowers. Gas from these flowers affects all players regardles of visiblity.

Also foundations are sometimes invisible to non-host players (but can walk over them). When breaked and placed again everything seems OK. Can be probably caused by rapid foundation placing.
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