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It would be a nice feature if you were notified when something finished being analyzed by M.A.M.
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Having a timer countdown just like the milestone one should be sufficient enough.
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I think MijuTheShark is correct I believe this is a bug as it DOES announce it to the clients my friend kept saying hey it's done why don't you ever respond to it and I'm like it never says it on my side
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...oh, I have to have at least 12 characters?
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it tells me when analysis is done sometimes
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It's an interesting feature but not urgent since it does take that much time when I compare it with resources gathering evne when it is automated and especially in early stage.

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I believe it does notify you when analysis is complete; but it's easy to miss.  I think a small envelope icon appears in the upper left of the screen for a second or two, and then disappears.
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I think it will only notify you the first time you finish an analysis, so that's probably a bug.
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That makes sense.  I later looked for the 'envelope' on a subsequent analysis, and didn't see it.
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This no longer occurs, assuming it did then. The very first mam research makes an audible notification along with a screen popup. With a couple of exceptions, it seems that everything after the first pop up just doesn't happen.
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It only notifies you when you firse use the MAM. After that nothing.
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Id prefer a mid-game upgrade with the lights such with the other machines
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There is an audio line that plays when research is completed, however, it seems that this line ONLY plays when you are not host. My GF's computer is in the same room, and I hear the notification through her speakers when I am hosting.
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I just discovered yesterday that when research finishes and you have the M.A.M. menu open, you can hear a brief sound notification, similar to when Mario dies. Hahaha

P.s.: confirmed only with HDD research. The others i didn't test because are already unlocked.
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I run with audio turned off, so as to not bother those around me, so audio notifications don't work.  Also, developers should keep in mind that background noise or hearing issues may interfere.  One thing that gets me when I do turn on audio is a random "ping" in the background noise that sounds exactly like my wife's iPad receiving a text message.
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i think it actually is supposed to do that but it sometimes just doesnt do that, could be a bug?
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I saw posts of this same subject a while back and then I thought it went into the game. I herd it a few times in one gaming session. Then never herd it again. Maybe I was going nuts that day idk lol.
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