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These are a few QOL suggestions that I have found myself wanting as I have played;

  • Right clicking with an item on your cursor to drop a single item into an open inventory slot
  • Adding handheld items (object scanner, xeno zapper, chainsaw, etc.) to a quickbar
  • Adding an additional "head" item slot for items that should, by all rights go on the head (gas mask)
  • Adding a "feet" slot, same functionality as head slot but for feet
  • Add ability to shift-click power shards into building
  • Add ability to trash every item in a players inventory with a single slick
  • Add ability to trash all of one specific item in a players inventory with a single click
  • Add ability to "quick grab" items from machines without having to navigate the GUI
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The problem with this kind of posts is that People cant vote on the issues they also have, which results in this will keep having a low score... Which almost makes it almost invisible to us when we decide which bugs to work on.

Also by posting many issues as one, you bork the search functionality which is there to help you find previous posts on the same subject (that you can upvote to help us find the issue to fix it)

Please, separate this post as separate ones (if that post does not already have the same issue submitted, in that case upvote that instead! [and possible comment on them to help make them better])
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sorry about that, I just didn't want to span so I posted them all in one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I totally get where that is coming from. My post is there to help you help us :)
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