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Been trying to get connected with a single friend for over an hour now. When using no external program we're just brought back to the main menu after attempting to join one another. If we use Hamachi we can connect just fine but we dont see eachothers movements at all and instead stand still or walk off in one direction. When we Radmin VPN everything appears to be working correctly, we can see eachothers position updating and everything is hunky dory until the player (Not the host) press E on a resource it just crashes the hosts game instantly.

I'm confused but if feels as if you didn't even test the multiplayer very well, you guys need to step up the netcode by a mile if you plan to actually have this game be successful.
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Me and my Friends dont have Problems at all. Yea sometimes our Host game Crashes aswell but after Crash Server runs fine again for a couple hours. We even can play without Hamachi Tunngle etc. with 4 people just fine now 41 hours+
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I have to say the net code leaves alot to be desired. Playing with my friends, We all have things not loading in for some and loading in for others, resulting in random deaths, infinite loading loops, and odd actions upon spawning.
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