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Ok, so, I decided I'd test the efficacy of the parachute...

How the hell do you get it to work? I mean I know that if I split the stack and only equip 1 I will only use 1, BUT, I've gotten through 8 parachutes and more deaths (when it doesn't open it doesn't get used). I've tried holding jump from the initial jump, I've tried pressing jump in the middle of falling, at the height of my jump, just before I hit the floor and pressing and holding jump at each of these times also and while the parachute often gets consumed, it never DOES anything and I still fall to my death. Any help?
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Dont use it is my only suggestion. Sounds stupid ik but its same for me its consumed but cant really see any difference, lucky me I fell in water ^^
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I was just jumping off the pillar just outside my base so was always within 10 seconds of my own corpse. I mean, it's not a massive issue. But sometimes I'd like to just jump off something and know I won't die.
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I would like to see the parachute fixed but until then I would suggest the jet pack
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Still dont get the point of the parachute once you get jetpack, wish it could open automatically when you are falling.

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To use a parachute first you must equip it into the 'body' slot in your inventory (above the 'hand' tool slot on your character picture). You can now equip an entire stack of parachutes and it will only use one at a time as of the most recent update.

Once you jump and are in the air, simply press the space bar again when you want to open the parachute. You should hear an unfurling sound when the parachute activates (it should be immediate). If this is not happening you might want to double check your key bindings.
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Haven't used it recently, but as of last test I was doing that, hearing the unfurling and still plummeting to my doom.
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i did it like that and it worked fine evrytime. but sometimes it dont open and consume the whole stack. happen just now 10 minutes ago.
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Patch post said they fixed that whole stack thing.

Patch Notes: Early Access Release - v0.1 - CL 95718
Bugs Fixes
• Fixed entire Parachute stack being consumed on use, now only consumes one Parachute

Still, looks like if you so much as touch a surface, with let's say your elbow touches a rock, your parachute goes no more and down you go, triggering a jump button frienzy... Argh, good times!

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