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My friend and I have purchased the game, specifically so we can play multiplayer. The fact that it does not work is something I would consider completely game breaking. We spent 2 hours, and eventually got it to work with a VPN. But 4 hours into the save, game crashed and 3 hours of attempting to fix it, we are still unable to play. Tried new game, both tried hosting, reset of router and PC, with and without the VPN. But it has actually gotten progressively worse. At first we could still connect, but would get dropped shortly after. Then instant drop after connecting. Now cannot connect at all. I have seen people mentioning this from the middle of the week, but not a single notice from the devs to say they are aware of the issue and are trying to fix it. Despite a literal game breaking bug.
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hav a same ish problem, can rejoin after 13 hours of play time. i play this purely for the multiplayer with friends
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I am purely playing this to play with friends as we are migrating from Factorio for this and now we can't even play!

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There is a workaround to get it working again.

1. Uncheck the 'send data' in options>gameplay ( this is often the only problem ).

2. Put the two satisfactory.exe files in your firewall in/out as approved files. One In the main directory and the other one in a subfolder near it.

3. Use a VPN if you have one.

I'm playing it with 3 other friends together now, 3 of us had the problem of not able to join. But this fixed it for us. Good luck! It's an amazing highly addictive game!
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Thanks for your reply. Could you please clarify what you mean by the second .exe "in a subfolder near it"?

Is it the one called "FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping"?
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Yeah that should be the second exe. I put both in my approved list and it worked afterwards.
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Thanks a lot! Disable send data and firewall exceptions = multi works perfectly. (VPN not needed for me)
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I tried all the above with a friend. None of the above worked. What's the server IP? Maybe it's a tracert issue (too many hops from Kenya). What location is your VPN?
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