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Its hard / impossible to install Epic Launcher on Linux via Wine.

I want to test Satisfactory, but w/o Epicinstaller?

All Windowsgames working via Steam under Linux, so how to?
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It's Epic Launcher exclusive for at least 1 year as far as I know.
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Disappointed here as well. Not sure why I put myself on the mailing list if there is no Linux version. Guess I'll stick with the new Factorio 0.17 (just a tarball, no need to install anything, and no DRM), now that most of the bugs are worked out since it launched last week :)
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This is particularly galling as Coffee Stain's back catalogue is all Linux compatible, so presumably the only reason it's not available here is because Epic can't be arsed to work that into their platform.

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I used Lutris. I used an install script for the Epic Games Launcher from their website and it worked, unfortunately, you'll have a hard time navigating though because the Epic Games Launcher flickers a lot.
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there is no linux support....
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You can't :)
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Lutris. I've tried that and it worked perfectly for me. I don't even get flicker that others have said they get. Additionally I get nearly the same framerate as I do on windows.

There is however a lot of packages that need to be installed first. Just follow instructions from here (https://lutris.net/downloads/) and every time you get an error, click the link to the Lutris wiki and follow that. Might have to reboot after a video driver update. Then install Epic Game Store from https://lutris.net/games/epic-games-store/

After meeting many dependencies and getting wine properly installed into Lutris, the game ran great.

Btw, I have noticed it mentioned before by mason1920.

I also did get it to run with Wine, but the performance was terrible that way. But it did run. It looked like some effect were missing and the game was darker than normal.

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I had similar massive issues trying to get the Epic launcher to work under wine. That launcher is truly a failure of epic proportions.

I found that the pirated copies of Satisfactory bypass the Epic launcher entirely by executing FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe directly from inside the win64 folder with the "-EpicPortal" switch.

Until there is a Linux version of Satisfactory of course there's no point for me to buy the official version, so I don't know if this solution for the official game.

For what it's worth, my run.sh consists of:
wine64 FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe -EpicPortal -vulcan 2>/dev/null

Yes, it works. Yes there are graphical glitches (world lighting is the biggest issue as when facing south everything is so dark its hard to see). Yes it runs like mud (the -vulcan switch helps, a lot). Yes, you can only play offline since the EpicFail Launcher is not running. Yes, you will clone yourself every time you load your save. Yes, your inventory will be stuck on the old clone so get a personal storage box asap.
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