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1 ) doorway, wall and all

the fact that you have doorway for vehicule or people, wall and roof but no door is a real downer

you should add creature that roam around and especialy at night, otherwise there is no need to wall up everything

2 ) wall conveyor for conveyor belt

you don't have enough choice, its either one in the middle or 2 on each side, but because building utility don't have the same size its impossible to build compact since you can't place the wall conveyor where you want

3 ) no the same footprint

constructor don't have the same footprint has storage container so you need to build a 3x2 for a constructor that almost fit in a 1x2, its understandable that utility get bigger has you go to higher tier, but that souldn't be the case with low one

4 ) higher conveyor pole stackable

i tried to use a conveyor belt has a nice higway like in factorio, conveyor pole are nice but because you don't have enough space between the belt you can only be on the top one, and so you can only move in 1 direction, if you want to go back and forth you need to build another conveyor pole next to it, its a bummer

5) utility clearance is too large

sometime for no reason you can't build a conveyor belt next to a constructor even thow it doesn't touch anything, but you can see conveyor belt going throught building corner without any issue ( like through the wall instead of going around the corner)

6 ) wall with wire

you need to had another type of wall with a wire attach to it to power something on the other side

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