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Hi, I was serching around and have seen these cracked white rocks everywhere, including on a large Carterium Ore deposit, I am sure there is a way to break these, does anyone know how? Also if they can't be broken yet then I don't think they should be in the game.
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They are walls to hide stuff behind while they work on tier 7 and 8 tech. Some of them you cna build bridges around to get to.
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look on top of the big waterfall, there is a carterium ore deposit w/o rocks...
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The ones with slugs in them are worse, since the detector can lead to up a cliff, or some other ridiculous process only to find the slug is encased in a rock.

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You can destroy those in the next comming update in april,

they are introducing something that is called a nobelisk, basically some kind of remote explosive.

You can then destroy these anoying things (and yes sulfur will be needed for it)!
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it is in experimental now
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You can break the rocks using a nobelisk and a nobelisk detonator
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not yet

I have "everything" and can not break them, really annoying,

but there is will come a way to break them
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I think we need TNT. we have sulfur
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actually, dynamite/TNT should come in this sulfur update
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Use the large foundations for now, they cover just about every rock asset in the game except the ones intentionally too big.  Just be sure to start your floor on the highest ground and work out from there.

Even if you don't intend to have foundations (floor) at the high ground, start there as an index to build off of so the rocks are covered ... and then come back later and delete those you don't want.
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Use the explosives to destroy them (Nobolo thingies and detonator).  They will split and clear.  For the ones on the mining node, once you've popped them you can place a miner.  In the meatnime you can place Autominers around to get resources (like Catey) out quickly.
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