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So, where to start... It is really great game, but you have to improve it. I enjoy time in game but there is a few things which are annoying...

- Bugged constructor with power pole

Somehow one of my constructors bugged, power pole on which it is connected too. It is connected to that pole, when I want to add cable on pole, there is 1/4 and I can add only 3 cables, but that cable to the constructor is invisible! And that most annoying thing - when I want to destroy it, game will crash. But it happens only if you aim with destroying tool on the pole or on the constructor. (I can send crash text / file)

- We need some sorting machine, or sorting splitter

I know that there si smart splitter, and that catherium electronics (I had some problems with catherium, about that later...). But that is too hard to get. It is priority to sort things in game like this... It should be at tier 1 easy to get...

- (Maybe) Bugged catherium research and big rocks on catherium ore

I found some catherium and I after analysis of it nothing happened. Only Quickwire added to list to analysis, BUT catherium ingot didn't appear in crafting menu. So I have 1000 catherium ores, but I can not do anything with it. So smart splitters too and I need them to sort things in my storehouse... And that rocks... You should delete them or add something with what I can destroy them, bcs that catherium electronics are really important... Of course firstly repair my bug please, I want to craft that ingots...

- Graphic and terrain bugs

There is lot of things like: belts goes trought terrain, trees, other belts... And cables between poles goes trought everything... It would be nice to have it repaired :) 

I hope this will be great game, because it is on a really good way to it :) Have a nice day all.

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Sorting splitters are supposedly on the way behind catherium research.
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I know, but how I said... Sorting items is really important in game like this... So it would be better to get them easier and earlier, not from catherium electronics...
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In regards to the Caterium research, you need to make sure it's been researched in the Hub, after analysing it.

In regards to the "white crack rocks", those will be destroyable in a future update. There are numerous Caterium nodes that are not blocked by these (though I do agree that they are not easy to find)
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I already found not blocked caterium ores and I researched it, so it was my fault, but bugged constructor remains
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