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Issue: player tries to connect to multiplayer, sits on "Joining Session" for 1 minute before the game reloads and they are presented with the menu again. The player could originally join the game and appeared to have no issues connecting until around the 10-hour mark.

Fix attempts: 

  • Changing the game from friends to private and back 
  • Changing network quality on both machines to "Ultra"
  • Copy save file to a friend and they host it
  • Both machines windows firewall turned off
  • Turn off Send data 
  • Place host machine in a DMZ
  • Used hamachi VPN
  • Got a new person to join, server crashes with error: Assertion failed: IsValid() [File:C:\Jenkins\workspace\I_BuildVersion-staging\UE4\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Templates/SharedPointer.h] [Line: 849]
  • My mate came over and we used a PC on the same LAN, Still experiencing the issue


  • Starting a new game, the friend has no issue connecting, suggesting nothing to do with the network
  • The issue appears to begin around the 10 to 12-hour mark
  • The issue appears to have begun when the save file exceeded 9.5 Mb

At the moment it is a pretty game breaking bug. This is the second time we have started and had to start a new game to continue playing together.

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Have you found any workaround? Is it possible to decrease the save files storage amount by scrapping buildings and what not? Because I'm having the exact same problem.
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I don't think so. It seems pretty time-dependent. I confirmed it wasn't a bandwidth issue as my mate came to my house and we tried on LAN still no good.
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I've been removing extreme amounts of machines from my base, nearly everything, but I was only able to remove 4Mb from my 18Mb save file. My friends can join my game if I create a new save, but I still can't join theirs if they have a new or old save. Hopefilly they bring out a patch in the following week so I could continue with multiplayer, even though I've basically finished all of the content the game has to offer so far.

Also, I don't think it's time depentant as I have tried at so many difderent times throughout the day and night to play with friends.

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My man Snutt hooked us up with an update! That seems to have fixed this issue.

Good work fellas.
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i have the problem even after the "patch" i can t connect with my friend i try to use hamchi then i can connect but i m stuck and i can t move. My friend can play with other people...
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Launch your save game (it will take an exceptionally long time depending on how old it is)  Save it, exit, load it up again and it should be good.
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