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When you scan for resources, they disappear from the compass rather quickly. That's not much of a problem for resources that are only a few 100 meters away and in friendly terrain. However, when you're looking for oil that can be 2.5km away and on the far side of hostile and hard to navigate terrain, it gets very tedious very fast to have to rescan every few steps.

Either make the scan results stay up for (much) longer or, even better, allow us to pin one result to the compass indefinitely (clear it on the next scan for any resource)
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This would be great to add to the options but TBH it would be more helpful if there was a way to scan the last selected resource while in a tractor and not have to get out every time I need to check my bearings
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I would like to upvote your answer a million times.
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Personally I don't mind to perform multiple scans to keep icons on the compass.
However, I would suggest to at least double the timing if the scanning enters the reach of an operative radio tower which should intensify the scan radius, strenght and last longer on map/compass.

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Make the 'map' usable from the beginning of the game, though don't reveal anything until appropriate technologies/structures are completed. Early on, it just displays scan results.

Add the ability to pin a scanned ore, keeping it on your compass permanently.

This could then also be extended to allow radio towers to scan for resources, display them on the map, and allow players to select specific resources to pin to the compass.
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Interesting idea
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