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I encountered a lizard doggo, and it said "Press E to pet the lizard doggo" when I got close, but it simply wouldn't work.
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I actually managed to get him stuck in a corner and noted that E doesn't do anything discernible. You are able to kill him with the stun stick and then he turns into a rigid model.
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E causes it to usually bolt and run off a ways before stopping and then returning to its normal behavior of backing away from you, which is likely the intended behavior. If it was stuck, you probably wouldn't have seen any change in behavior. Perhaps what is really needed is that it should say to press [E] to attempt to pet...

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Drop Paleberrys in front of it so it can eat them. While he his eating pet him as soon as his tongue sticks out and he will start following you
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This is correct. Also, right now, the AI has a tendency to be somewhat suicidal, and it really likes to get in the way while you are building, so my advice is to put it in a pen and visit it every so often to see what it has gathered for you.
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that's not wrong, when you pet it runs away. But there's a way to tame it
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I disagree - it should allow me to pet it (and then have it run away) rather than prompting me to do something that has no effect (I press [E] and nothing happens).
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I was able to tame one with little or no effort.  

Think about it, if you come across a wild animal in real life, and try to pet it, what would happen?  What should you do to change that?

This is accurate.
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Shoot it, that stops it from running. Now I am looking for a way to revive it.
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I accidentally killed it. :(
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