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Am I the only one that thinks its odd that these high tech truck stops can automate material loading and unloading, but CAN'T figure out how to pull fuel items from the inventory? What I'm getting at is: It seems a bit silly to need a separate conveyor line just to give fuel to the refueling portion of the station. I suppose it makes sense for stations placed to just deal with ores & materials, but the stations placed to ferry fuel items back and forth just seem a bit... well, STUPID for not being able to figure out " Oh hey, my ENTIRE inventory is fuel, maybe I should just put some in the fuel section..."

         Not that it's a major issue, or anything. Maybe just chalked up to a quality of life change.
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in my experience with truck stops i'm only every moving coal, and i split the output on the receiving node to self refill which will clog the belt when full and all the other output is forced out the other splitter connections.

same thing with the sending stop. split my miner into 3 and load the generator, inventory, and fuel slot. Once the other two are full capacity of the miner belt is sent to inventory.

I haven't gotten to refined fuel quite yet but I cant see this making much of a QoL difference for that IMO.
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I personally like the way it is, If I want to pipe higher grade fuel into the port its an option.
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