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Would it be possible to add a UI scaling option? Some of the numbers are quite small to read; fine on a monitor, but not so great on a TV.
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I'm myself, have a problem with small icons. i can't see them correctly, i would prefer a UI scaling function, that would help me a lot.
thanks Devs. ^^
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I would appreciate being able to scale DOWN some of the UI as well. Such as the Milestone requirements in the top right and the Hub upgrade guide on the left. My 2k screen feels very crowded by useless screens that could easily convey the same info and be 1/4 the size. Thank you! love this game
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I want inventory icons to be scalable
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I have a 27" 2k screen and I can barely distinguish inventory icons, especially when it comes to ores. Can't image what people with 4k screens see.

All that while there is 50% screen space wasted. When I look at my inventory, I mean I want to see my inventory first and foremost. Not grass. Not sun. Not sky. Not buildings. The items.
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I agree being able to scale DOWN on things would be nice, (like the builder screen)

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When you click on an item the icon gets bigger. I would like it if the slots where just that big. Would make grabbing and moving much less fidally.
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Please convert your answer to comment.
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The engine has rendering scaling functions that can be used to improve the situation.

Go to: C:\Users\Your_user_name\AppData\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and edit: Engine.ini

Add this line:


where XXX is your scale.

Example for 2k display. Set the screen resolution in the game 1920x1080 to increase the interface. And the variable r.ScreenPercentage = 150. This will increase the rendering resolution by 50% to 2880x1620, which will give good quality on a 2k display. (it is possible and more if the power of gpu allows)

This works like a scaling slider in other games.

Why the developers will not add it to the game menu that's the question. All the functionality is already in the engine, you just need to add a menu item.

Sorry for the English, this is a google translator.
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