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Hi all,

Maybe a suggestion or at least a question, but will there be better power poles in the game?

I kinda hate it that we can only attach 4 wires / pole wich makes it so u can basically only power  2 machines per pole, (2 connections used) then 1 'incomming' connection from power supply or other pole (makes it 3, and the 4th one is the connection going to the next pole.
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Sub stations.
High tension power poles carry 155,000 to 765,000 volts. It needs to be converted down to around 7,200 volts or less which run along the streets with SUB STATIONS.
Then off to the streets for individual poles to buildings and houses.

Sub stations break this area off the grid so you can see how this area is doing on power usage.

Then you have the 30 foot pole along the streets. Every so often you tie into the line with another pole that is the current 1 in the game. What is that about 15 feet.
Run up to 3 machines and that is a separate grid.

Max voltage on power lines depending on height of pole.
I saw 1 person tying in 5+ coal generators overclocking a couple and all the biomass generators into 1 grid.
The wire shouldn't be strong enough to carry it.

"but I want to tie everything together."
Well, how about this.
You have 1 pole at 30 feet (6 feet to a meter? What is that about 5 meters, current pole is 2 meters? Would be nice to have it at about 18 feet-3 meters.)
Running a ling along your path or around the outside or however you like.
Then you branch off with the small pole (Change it to at least 20'-3 to go to buildings.

Makes it much more appealing to the eye as wires are up above and out of the way.
Also appealing to the brain knowing that if I pull this pole it will only shut down these buildings right here or it shut down power along the main line.

I had a maze of wires all over.
My restart I tried to make a simple supply line along here but I always had to add a 2nd pole very close by to allow for connections to buildings.
Was still a mess of wires.

For those that want more connections on 1 pole.
Street poles can only carry 3-5 connections. The voltage could carry more but it's a space thing and there are other poles that need the power too.
Space things out a little more. You don't need items sitting on top of each other.
The world is massive compared to what you actually need.
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An unlock for a mk.2 power pole? adjustable height like conveyor pole maybe, but something with more connections would be my first want
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Mk1 conveyor belt supports are adjustable.
MK1 power pole should be adjustable too.
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agreed we need visual cues/indicator so we understand where the power is flowing too, and where the possible power cut is.
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Has been addressed with MK2 & MK3, power flow would be nice though.

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If you look through the game's Wiki articles you can find these

Power Pole MK2 can support up to 6 connections, MK3 supports up to 8 connections.
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does a wiki violate a NDA? thought they were user generated normally :p
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Thanks for this Info.
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I heared there should be a pole in EA which can attache 6 cables
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In current Early Access version (96463) there's the MK2 power pole which can hold up to 6 connections (this is already in game). It is unlocked in Tier 3's Caterium technology in The Hub, and the blueprint is available once you collect a sample of it and research at M.A.M.

In the current version the caterium ore veins are unlocked (no boulder) and can be automated.

Materials to build (once unlocked)
- 3x quickwire (which is unlocked when you get your first sample of caterium ore),
- 1x iron rod,
- 2x concrete.

The MK3 seems still not available, but I didn't look thoroughly for it.

I believe this question may be closed/hidden as it's already implemented (maybe not when asked, but it's been fulfilled now).
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There are better Power Poles. The Mk II and the Mk III, respectively. The Mk II uses Caterium (which is a pain to find if you don't already know where to find it) and the Mk III which unlocks after researching the Caterium-based items to the fullest extent.
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You have to find and unlock the Caterium Reseach Chain then u get better Power Poles.
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