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To this point in the game i made two towers, and i almost always fall from it when i try to climb down the ladder. It took me a while to learn how to, but most times i'm just pushed off or slip through.
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If your afraid of highs, you might wanna consider setting up stair wells. I can tell you from experience, my heart goes into my throat every time i fall from any height. My husband thinks it's funny because i bug out.
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there is a natural health regen until u have 3 hearts @pyrofire
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This seems to be fixed in the latest build. Ladders now pull you to them, especially when moving downwards.
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You move your back to the stairs, as in real life, and then you won’t fall off.
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Seems fixed for a while now, although I agree it used to be a huge issue.

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I took more cumulative damage falling off the tower, then I did from enemy mobs.

Just make the ladder mechanic work like it does in other FPS games. Hold 'W' to climb, if you're looking up, your character climbs up, if you're looking down, your character climbs down.
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Easy fix for the devs: when the player nears the top of the ladder have a button prompt appear: ""Press E to climb down". Pressing the button would then move the player to the ladder climbing position so they could press S to climb down. Also, having an on-screen hint as to which button to press to go up/down while currently on a ladder wouldn't kill you and would help prevent us from killing ourselves.
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Some games have solved it by putting a little "cage" or railing around the top area, so you are more easily "slotted into" the ladder when you descend. Maybe that would be an easy solution if the mechanics are troublesome.
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I think free ladders are great, cos they are almost on all buildings but on top of look-out tower it would be good to have "Press [E] to slide down the ladder" option (I know, look-out tower ladder is not from one piece). No pole needed.
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I like the slide option, and I'll add to that: if you click W or S while sliding it cancels the slide and changes back to manual movement.
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I think just going down the ladder backwards (like you would in rl) is fine. Haven't tried, tho I've read about it from other people.
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If you do that VERY CAREFULLY and VERY SLOWLY then it will slot you down the ladder. Do it with any fervor or normal motion and you fall off as you see the ladder get away from you and high as if saying "so long and thanks for all the fish".
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The free form ladders are pretty nice, once you get used to running and jumping from one to another around a factory. They are on the sides of the stackable conveyor stands if you haven't noticed. wink I can successfully navigate down a lookout tower ladder 65% of the time. another 10% I can grab the ladder while falling and make it down safely without damage.

TIPS: If I'm just starting a new factory location, I put a jelly landing pad at the base so I can quickly jump down and avoid that last 25% of the times I would normally take fall damage. Until you have that luxury, pay attention to your hand animations while attempting to go down the ladder, if I recall correctly, they change when you "use" it.

DEVS: As a few people have mentioned, I think an actionable hit box at the top would be appropriate, but instead of sending you down a pole, maybe just get you started going down the ladder. Drop the player down the ladder a foot or two so they know it started working and they can climb the rest of the way down or jump off anywhere along the way as it currently works, also convenient for fast navigation.

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Simple solution: Extend the ladder all the way to the ceiling. Would make it much easier to enter the ladder, and you would stop on top bumping your head against the ceiling. From this point just hold S to go down the ladder.

Adding a bit of platform "behind" the ladder, where there is now just an open slot, would further facilitate getting on the ladder.
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I've been saying this since pre-apha guys T_T cmon
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The solution would be to add a hotzone around the top of the ladder, which causes the player to snap into position ready to climb. Or perhaps make a hotkey, say "c", which causes the player to snap onto a climbable object.
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Why use ladders when you can just jump from the top and land on a landing pad :P

Or use your jetpack (If ya have one) to slow dodo your fall to avoid taking damage.
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just adding a way to catch the ladder while falling would help a lot.
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