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I'm not very good when it comes to understanding electricity, never have been. But the explanation given for not overloading was not incredibly clear at the beginning of the game and i kept overloading my system because I didn't understand it. Now, being only at coal, it is much more obvious this is very important to keep track of, with over/underclocking being exceptionally important.

I'm not sure everyone has this issue but as a regular game player, just not factory type games or math/energy related things I have no freaking idea what i was doing. Maybe just a small tutorial or written piece on how to efficiently use it or common do-s/dont's? If anyone has a better solution for teaching new players by all means.
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I consider what ADA says is enough, but it's too mild and vague.
ADA says: "Overloading your Power System will guarantee suboptimal performance"
Reality says: Overloading your Power System will result in a shutdown
Player (because of this difference): Fatal Errors when designing a Power System
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ADA's statement that overloading will result in suboptimal performance is misleading - it does not do less... it simply turns everything off. This should be addressed.
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There are two constraints in the power system;  

    a) How much power the generator in question can put out, and

    b) a hard limit of 4 connections to a given power pole.  

It is really that simple, and I don't mean to be flippant about it.

Every time you connect something, you need check the power demand on that generator.  If you draw too much, you'll trip the circuit breaker just like in real like. BTW you can check the demand on the generator by clicking on it, or any pole connected to it.

A BIomass burner has the ability to put out a max of 20 megawatts (20MW).  A Coal Generator can put out a max of 50MW (or two and a half times what the biomass does.  

So where you can connected to an average of 3 pieces of equipment with the Biomass, you can connect to an average of 8 pieces of equipment with a coal generator.

A piece of equipment tells you how many MWs is required to power it, so it is straight up addition.

THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION SO FAR:  In the game, the truck station does not tell you what it draws, and I suspect because it doesn't draw anything when its just sitting there.  In fact when its sitting there, its just a "storage container".  However when you pull a truck up to it and trigger the loading/unloading arm it starts drawing 20MW of power.

Now, I get that 20MW draw from the official Wiki ... but I have tried using an biomass generator to power it and I blow the circuit breaker almost every time.  So I quit using biomass and just use a coal generator.  A coal generator can hand two active truck stations, but I connect to like 4 because seldom if ever are 3 active.

DISCLAIMER:  I haven't gotten into using oil yet, but this should be solid enough to keep you going a while.  :)

Also ... as Ratte said, the ADA does tell you, "Overloading the Power System will guarantee suboptimal performance ... "  I have not testing if running a generator right at the edge of max output results in the connected equipment running slower.  I haven't noticed it.
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I do understand all of this now, but my point is that there was literally nothing, bar the suboptimal performance message that explained this. I personally do not have spare time I want to devote to fix issues that should be taught in a clear tutorial, as basic as they are.

Explaining to me here how everything works does not help potential new players learn.
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I agree. If I had not watched a stream before playing, I wouldn't have understood how to use power poles and lines to power buildings. I don't recall it mentioning anything about them.
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