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So, I know being able to split/merge conveyors has already been mentioned, and that would be wonderful, allowing for nice streamlined builds, but I would also really like to see stacked constructors, understandably the sprites for the smelter and foundry don't really lend themselves to being stacked, but the footprint of the constructors look like they'd be ideal for that and it would allow for vertical streams into assemblers instead of these big branching paths taking up a lot of floor space.
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You know that later in the game you get conveyor splitters and mergers, right?  Or am I misunderstanding what you are asking for?

Also, don't over looking the game intends for you to build multi-story buildings.  You can stack your constructors with a bookshelf design of your building.
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I'm well familiar with splitters and mergers, my issue is that they leave a tangle of curving conveyor belts all over the place which could easily be cleaned up with either a vertical splitter/merger or the ability to stack them on top of each other.

Just realized I left out "horizontally" in that first sentence lol

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To my knowledge the only things that stack are the storage containers. However you can make a multi-floored factory to place constructors on top of each other. The big pad on top of a constructor is for standing, unless the remade the model for this purpose the power indicator light is above that surface and would interfere with stacking them. The only problem with a stacked factory is moving products between levels, however item elevators are on the roadmap.
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The problem whit that solution is  3d model shape it is rectangular box so any antenna, pipe, pole is increasing high of building... so models need to be re-consider to be able to stack like cargo containers.

For example:
 on T4 you will have possibility to re-design structures for staking ("Vertical Production"). this will give you new model of each structure, but to change model you will use mouse wheel to change between "Normal" - Non Stuck-able normal price, and "Vertical Aliment" 25% more cost.

Furnace can have his chimney coming on side Left, and next one can be added and it will have it on Right, and so on.
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