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I built a production for modular frames and exactly calculated the amount of iron I need per second and I'm mining exactly that amount. However, some of the machines at the end of the belt didn't get fully supplied.

After some searching I found out that this was because the other machines were fully supplied but took a long time to be filled up as there can be 100 items in the input. This means that after building a big assembly line (that uses a lot of splitters to split off items) it can take a few minutes for it to work properly as the inputs of the early machines need to be filled up for the others to be fully supplied.

I suggest something similar to factorio: The machine can be automatically fed enough items for crafting the selected item twice, after that it stops until there are less items in the machine's input again. You can still feed more items (maybe the current cap of one stack or enough for crafting the selected item 10 times) into the machine's input manually so that you have a place to put leftover ore for example.
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How did you setup your splitters? If you set them up in serial that's your issue.
Say you have 4 constructors. So the first splitter splits into a constructor and into the next splitter, which splits into a constructor and then into the next splitter, which splits into a constructor and into the last constructor.
In this case you send 50% into the first constructor and 50% into the next splitter. Then that splitter sends 50% of that into the constructor and 50% of that into the next splitter.
Basically you end up feeding the line less and less as you keep dividing the amount going down the line by half.
What you would want to do instead is have a splitter you feed into, which feeds into 2 other splitters that feed 2 constructors each. That way it's perfectly balanced.
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Yes, I built all splitters in a line and I knew that this could be fixed if you built it like you suggested.
Firstly this would only properly work if the number of machines fed was a natural power of 2.
Secondly the way I built it works too but takes time to properly work. That means it's still a valid option to build to build the splitters in a row and if it's a valid option I think it should work properly instantly.
I should maybe have said this in the original post.
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Yeah, that would be a nice addition. There's really not much reason for conveyor belts to feed a full stack of items to crafters... checking my cable producers, they eventually fill up to 500 wire in input slot...
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My example was just an example, you can set it up to feed any amount of machines. Part of the challenge in this game, at least as I see it, is figuring out the ratios and setting things up properly using splitters and mergers.

I personally don't feel like this need to be changed at all. This is part of the gameplay - part of the challenge of building an optimized factory.
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