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So, the biomass burner's fuses have to be reset every so often, but when I do it, It just doesn't work, ever. Is this actually part of the game or is it a glitch? Does anyone know how to fix this if possible?
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they only have to be resetted when your power consumption exceeds your maximum power production. When you reset the fuse, all machines on your planet will start at the same time, all consuming maximum power. after the first spike, some of them consume less energy, since they are full, waiting for resources or don't work with 100%. 2 Solutions to your problem: 1. Build more Biomass Burners and make sure that they don't run empty and that you don't build too much. 2. Cut the power to some of your machines, turn the power back on, wait for the spike to drop and then reconnect the disconected ones.

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A biomass burner only puts out 20MW of power ... check each device you are powering with it (devices show their demand).  Make sure you have a buffer ... don't be right at 20MW.

You CANNOT power a Truck Station with a Biomass burner.  You can connect just fine, because it draws no power in the idle state.  But the instant you drive a truck within range, it draws 25MW of power.
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I was just about to come complain that using 20 of 20mw trips the breaker. Is that actually intended? Doesn't that make the max 19mw instead of 20?
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