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Note: Multiplayer world, Rocky Desert

1. When I flew up on the Dropship of the HUB my game partly crashed. The game was fine for the other player on the same world, but I couldn’t move, look around and access my inventory or building menu. Only Esc. worked perfectly fine.
I tried to reenter the world, but then I spawned in the HUB and I lost all the items in my inventory. In addition, the grave didn't spawn anywhere (It didn't appear in the "compass bar" and I couldn't find it around the HUB). I tested it another time and force killed myself by respawning, but the same happened.

2. Overlocking seems to be unreliable: Sometimes my overcloaked machines switch back to only 100% efficiency.

3. If you join a party, item sorting only works in the player inventory, but not in the personal storage boxes nor in storage containers. (For the host, everything works fine)

4. (Rocky Desert) Quite a few objects in the world are floating. Especially beryl nut trees and common mussels near water.

5. If an Object in the M.A.M. is analyzed, it’s listed twice as a successfully analyzed object.

Additional suggestion:
-Make a button in Storage Containers/ Personal Storage Boxes that allow you to fill in only items from your inventory, that already exist in the container/box.
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Suggestion for future reference: make a separate entry for every bug. This allows for others to more specifically specify what part of your findings also applies to them, and it allows you to check if this one specific point was mentioned by another before you did, in which case you can just upvote (and comment/answer) on that post istead of creating your own.
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