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So having only rebar gun is like going on hunting for Lion whit pew ...... pew ..... gun. It is slow (yes I know it is first gun but can we make it better).

Like creating 10xRebar Gun and analyze it in M.A.M and we get self loading DualRebarGun (4xRebarGun + 40x Steel Tubes + 80x Copper wire) using new ammunition (spiked rebar x10 + 2x Steel Beam = 30x Reinforce Spidek Rebar (2x More damage)  stacking in 100 packs)

New Plasma Gun/Cuter (like in Dead space game) - using plasma cell :D :D

Lasers of course :D  :D
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rebar gun works fine so long as you dont stand still, the AI is really easy to fight, you can trick them to moving where you want.
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yeh i know .. but this is beta so it will change .... and whit that Rebar Gun is too slow and dealing low damage. For example the BIG "T" headed need (if remember good 10-11 shots). And also this "ANT" is quick and need 4-5 shoot's (and she is quick).

so i would like have some option to better defend my self...

a and the gaz-rock formation ... there need to be a way to remove it !!!!

not from beginning but around 7-8 Tier it is pain in ass after it serve it purpose - blocking access to slime
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