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I found out it was a game of my taste.
Engineering elements such as trains, factories, and container belts have fascinated me enough.
I am a Korean. with a local ban on eponymous stores
Therefore, I can't do this.
I have the money to buy this game, but I can't buy it even if I want to enjoy it.

If you don't mind, I wonder if you're planning to release a game with the Epic Store to the Steam. If I could, I'd like to buy it right away.


I wanted to say the above, but I had to use a translator because my English is not good enough. I hope you understand awkward grammar.

Thanks to read.

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Firstly I would like to say. I LOVE SOUTH KOREA! Lived there for 3 years on K-16.

I feel for you and your plight , I hope that epic remedies this in some way for countries that have bans on the smaller launcher platforms or that this game is available in some other way.

Curious, is there a way you can bypass the ban by using a VPN?
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We can access the Epic Store with vpn, but if the country of the account is set to Korea, we cannot use the store regardless of the vpn. Maybe it is because of our country's regulations.
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If it is not officially released in Korea or if Epic Store Korea does not register in regulations and undergo a game review, it is unlikely that it can play games in Korea legally. Perhaps I should use a vpn and an overseas account.

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It's exclusive to epic games for a year.
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Maybe later they will release it on Steam, but there was apparently some dispute over commissions between the them and Steam.  But for now the answer is no.
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You can down vote my answer all you want ... its about money, its always been about money.  No Developer in their right mind would reduce their distribution channel(s) unless there was a financial component.

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I agree, but as stated it's only exclusive for a year and then the developer can publish on steam. I think that the whole issue on money is stupid but I also feel that it's Steams fault for that issue.

To everyone else that does not know what is going on, Steam demands that developers give a 30% cut to all sales on steam, Epic only demands like 10 or 15%. The whole exclusive thing came up because of this.
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Coming from a game developer from back before Steam, companies like EA might give you 10% of the sales if you were lucky, and none at all in some cases.

So I can't really get all upset that Steam "only" gives you 70% of the profits.

Exclusives hurt customers no matter if it's Steam, Epic or consoles doing it.
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