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I saw a video on the web where someone put his splitters directly over existing belts and belt splits. I tried to do it the same way, but any time I try the splitter doesn't split anything and the belt remain as if there is no splitter in is way...Do I miss something?

Same question for stackable pylons....I don't succeed to put it over an existing belt?

Thx for the help
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Can you link the video?
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Select a splitter and make sure you aim at the conveyor belt, if the splitter doesn't snap to grid anymore (don't hold ctrl) you know you are aiming right. Also make sure it's a splitter and not a merger, made that mistake myself a couple times
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Sure, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_Dznt1OG-0

At 6:20 Jace Varlet starts to play with splitters and again at 10:55.  

When I try to reproduce this either the game doesn't allow me to put the splitter on the existing belt or it put the splitters but it doesn't seem to be "connected" to the belt and nothing is splitted.

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Well my mistake, I was trying with CTRL down.....In fact it works as long as the belt is relatively straight, and as you DON'T hold down CTRL.

Thx for the clue!!!!
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glad you figured it out
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