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Please add overflow mode to the smart splitter output.

The current smart splitter does not pass subsequent items when the filtered item is full.
In this state, mixing conveyors can not be shared in each process, and many conveyors are required.

Overflow Off
Same as current behavior.

Overflow on + at least one "Any" port
If the item to be filtered is full and can not be sent out,
Send from specified port of "Any".
If there are two "Any" ports, split like normal splitter.

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Added one like this that was different but I upvoted this so maybe one would get attention I really want smart "SPLITTERS" to allow me to do 3 left 1 right overflow middle style config so I can mix stuff in truck stops and unmix them at the drop off truck stop.

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yes I think too, it needs to split the items.
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This would be more convenient. What I do in the meantime is have a splitter after the smart splitter but before the storage where backup can be reintegrated in to main sorting facility. I don't connect the out line until the box is full or near full. That way the overflow will travel around the sort facility until there is an opening in the container or I assign another splitter to the item.
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Yes this is a feature that would make the game so even better.
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Semi work around

input -> spliter ------------------> merger -> output
             |-----> smart_splitter-----^
Filtered output

  • This only filters 50% of the items;
  • If orange belt is full, it will also stop items on red belt
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Hey, not only to you but I guess many responding people. Please dont use the answer option for workarounds. Just do comments. The game is in development. We shuold encourage new features. Workarounds are not fixes.
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