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Good morning! Here are some QoL improvements I feel would greatly improve building in Satisfactory:

  1. When building, Mouse 2 (Right click) should open a radial menu of whatever type of entity you are currently placing instead of just opening the full construction menu. (As an example, if you were in hologram mode for the Mk. I Conveyor and held Mouse 2 you would be shown a radial menu of all your currently unlocked conveyor belts.)
  2. To expand on my first suggestion, Mouse 3 (Middle Click) should replace Mouse 2 as the "cancel placement button" so you can use Suggestion 1's radial menu to decide which type of conveyor poles is placed under conveyors automatically.
  3. When placing a conveyor and it has an automatic pole under it, the first click of Mouse 1 (Left Click) should lock it in place and the second click should allow you to change the height of it; this would bring it in line with the functionality of placing a pole on it's own.
  4. When placing foundations and walls, holding Mouse 1 should allow you to place a line of foundation/wall.
  5. Adding corner foundations would allow for more elaborate and decorative building options
  6. All foundations and walls should be colorable with the color gun.
  7. The tractor and truck should be able to be colored using the color gun.

Thank you for your time! I have been greatly enjoying Satisfactory, and these were some of the improvements I felt could bring an already amazing game to the next level.



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+1 all but 1 and 2.
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