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as the title suggests :)
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Can you also discuss use cases? Not just "it'd be cool" but what design are you looking for, or what functions are prevented from not having this in?
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Remember that you can, to some degree, do this with conveyor belts. For instance having a Mk.1 belt on one output limits that output to just 60/m.
Also I believe this would simplify things way too much, as it'd be incredibly easy to hit perfect rations with this available, eliminating part of the challenge of the game.
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Also, you could set up your own percentages by deploying the belt to 10 equal belts and then merge them back as needed.
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@seePyou nit: You can't split to 10 evenly. Only 8/9/12.

But most (all?) combinations in game only need splits/mergers of 2s and 3s.
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sure you can. Take the even 12 split you have, and take two of the exits, one from each side, and feed them back to the starting one belt with a merger.

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This would be very good, instead of having to under/overclock the machine you can select the product output rate per minute or one of the input rate per minute and set it.

I.e; for making wire you can click 45 per minute and type in 30 and the machine scales to 66.6r%
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This should be a comment, please convert it. It does not answer the question, nor does it come in the form of a Coffee Stain Studio officila feedback on the suggesiton.
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