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Just what the subject says. The jerk/lag/stutter is REALLY bad when using the Epic Games Launcher but, with the same graphics settings, hardly lags at all when in offline mode using the "-EpicPortal" command-line switch in the shortcut. Even if I set all graphics options to low the game still jerks, lags, and stutters with every movement (every half-second or so) when using the Epic Games Launcher. WTF?

Update: even killing/quitting the Epic Games Launcher while the game is running does nothing to improve the lag so it's something in the game's code causing the stuttering.
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My shortcut launches the Epic Launcher. What are you doing to play it without the launcher?
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Add the "-epicportal" argument to the executable shortcut.
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Why would I want to do that when other problems occur like ghost characters and lost inventory in each load? Think before replying next time please...
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@Eep my comment was a reply to @Wintermute, not you. It's a shame the interface doesn't show that.
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Haven't tried the -epicportal argument, but  I will.   The game runs almost the same using all the different graphics settings.   I average about 40-60 fps @1440p  i7 7770 (Not OCed)  with only a 1070.  Occasionally I get some FPS dips, however,  the main problem I'm having is the game's graphics freezing for a second every minute or so of playing.   With my factory growing in size, the freezing seems to be happening more and more.

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Turns out my computer needed a reboot, for whatever reason: memory leak? GPU leak? who knows...damn computers.
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Try disabling the "Send Gameplay Data" in Options -> Gameplay, and see if that makes a difference.
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I did; no difference. I also tried adjust network performance from min to max ("ultra", I guess) but also no difference. I have a broadband 150+ Mbps connection.
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