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It would be nice to see how much processing power is taken by my factories.

I'd like to know how close my PC is getting to it's limits with large builds.

Also, do factories that sit idle use less CPU? Or unhooked from power?

Something like some.of the Minecraft mods that show overall load, as well as looking at machines and groups to see what's causing lag.
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Yes, if the devs could unlock some of their development tools it sure would be interesting to see what uses what.

Idle factory has nothing moving on conveyor belts , so CPU is not sending as much complex data to be drawn on by the video card, in effect the video card is getting a rest.

On an i7, 8 core , 16 threads hyperthreading CPU, [ with access to 16g RAM @ 3000mhtz] the bottleneck is the video card when things start moving.
The video card is struggling to draw on all the data / polygons the CPU is sending it in time.

Video card GTX 980.
A 2015 card.

Some tools to monitor all of this would be really awesome devs, and maybe you learn something you didnt expect.

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Well, i build a "little" Factory.
If everything is at StandBy i got 30-60FPS. As soon as a small part of the Factory is running the frames are dropping to 5-10. So yeah, idle Factorys use less ressources.

But yeah some more Infos about there the Ressources are "wasted" would be nice.
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