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I think it would be interesting to add a separate "control-network" to automatically enable/disable crafters. This can maybe be done by having a configurable addon-slot to a building/container. Maybe a separate cable network can be used/installed?

Proposed way of working:

Container X is empty: define Status_Container_X_Empty

Container X is filled Y% define Status_Container_X_2

Container X is filled Z% define Status_Container_X_3

Container X is full define Status_Container_X_Full

(Add/remove/configure as needed)


Crafters A,B,C available for filling container X:

Crafter A runs as long as container X is not Status_Container_X_Full

Crafter B starts at below status_container_X_1, stops as container X is at status_Container_X_2 or _full

Crafter C starts at status_container_X_Empty, stops as container X is status_Container_X_1, _2 or _full

This would make it possible to keep the containers topped up with an incremental production amount. Big usage = much production.

This can be an extended logic: Configure an unlimited list of statuses. Configure an unlimited list of activation triggers (complete list of statuses avaiable in eacg crafter). This can also be used for programmable conveyor splitters. (when both status_container_X and status_container_Y, give Port 1 of splitter more priority (or even a set amount of priority)).

This would make it very feasible for making a Main item bus with separate splitters at the consumers. Now the first has 1/3th (or half) the amount of items available. The next one only has 1/4th, 1/6th or even 1/9th, depending on the previous configuration.. When the 1th is not running, no need to completely fill up the belts with items, just bypass the splitter. when downstream more items are needed: Give port 2 the set amount of priority.

Adding this (relatively easy to implement) feature would enable us to make very complex but also very efficient plants.
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