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It seems that tractor keeps doing rounds when partially emptied, instead of waiting until the station empties it completely before resuming the rounds.

This wastes fuel, and also could result in messed up inventory and resources in routes involving more than two stations, causing wrong stuff to end up on wrong conveyors.

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It waits for as long as you waited when making the route. If you want it to wait for longer, make a longer pause when making the route.
(Really wish they improve the autopilot system to be more intuitive)
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Need the Factorio train GUI for Satisfactory vehicles, really. Wait until full / wait until empty are the most needed conditions.
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Yes yes and yes. This would be a huge quality of life upgrade if the vehicles could be programmed to wait until full/empty. I have nearly 1000 hours in Factorio and easily see myself putting in just as much time here in Satisfactory as it progresses!
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Totally agree that a wait till full/wait till empty function would be amazing. I also wonder if a wait till refuelled would be good as you don't always have the same fuel type both ends so eventually the tractor will run out of fuel midway and you have to go rescue it.
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