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The jetpack is very nice and I use it a lot for little things. I would love to see a few things tweaked/added though.

1. The fuel renews itself in midair vs having to land to get more. This would help a lot with exploring this early on in the game. I'm sure there will be better flying things later on though but for now exploring can be tedious with all the very high cliffs and such.

2. Carrying a different fuel for different things is a little annoying - aka chainsaw and jetpack require different fuel. It would be great if all the fuel worked with all things (except for maybe coal.. I don't know how that would work out in a jetpack but hey it might). Have it vary by how much you get out of it. Like you would burn through leaf and wood biomass quickly vs oil based fuel would last longer.

3. Being able to wear the jetpack and the gas mask at the same time. I could understand if the jetpack would be attached to your face in real life but it's not. Jetpack on the back and gas mask on the face. So basically more attachment points for different things.
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Your first point is without a doubt a design choice to prevent you from trivializing getting to certain places.
For the other 2 points I agree. For the second point the chainsaw should be able to use fuel as well. That's really all there is to it, instead of having other fuel work for the jetpack.
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Leg slot? I've got the blade runners but it auto-equips to the body slot for me and replaces the gas mask or the jetpack, whichever I'm wearing at the time. Do you mean to tell me there's a way to unlock another slot for leg items to be worn with either the jetpack or the gas mask?
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I was saying they should have those 3 slots, head, body, and leg. so that you can have gas mask, jetpack, and bladerunners equipped at the same time. makes sense not to have parachute and jetpack equipped at the same time.
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All fuel working with all things feels a little silly to me but chainsaw being powered off of Fuel instead of just Biofuel is a good idea.
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Feels too much of a cheat to have jetpack refuel midair.

But i'd like to have the jetpack go little bit higher.

Chainsaw and jetpack should only run on (oil) fuel & biofuel (they don't have enough space to burn other things)
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