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I have a doubt, I have 14 carbon generators that would be 700 MW but I only see that I generate 500 MW is because the ceiling is at 500 MW and I must divide the supply of electricity in parts ? or is it a bug ?
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Why is your text white on black? Never seen that before.

Also, 4 of your generators must not be getting fuel. It only shows capacity for fueled, connected generators.
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I don't think there is a cap. I'm sitting at 1,100 MW so far.

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solved I had a section of cable cut and did not see it then there were 4 generators that were not supplied current with the other generators now if I have the 700 MW
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I highly recommend moving to fuel power ASAP and fully overclocking powerplants.
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I have 3GW (2GW coal and 1GW Geo Thermal)
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Someone on reddit has built a power plant system that produces around 200 GW of power in the past. There doesn't seem to be any sort of upper limit to power production at all.
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