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Game was running fine last night, and previous nights.

"Your computer is low on memory"

Try to load in today and I get errors and crashes on the load screen. Looks like the game is trying to use too much memory and is crashing. Out of ten or so attempts I've managed to see in game twice, after I lowered all of my video settings to the lowest possible, where the game then locked up immediately after the FicSit logo animation finished. Tried to join a fresh save file and got the same errors, so I don't believe it has anything to do with how much was built in my game. I verified my game and nothing has changed. I haven't tried to reinstall yet. I'm hesitant to do so but I wanted to report that this is happening regardless.
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Did you try rebooting your PC?
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Probably not related but, a few times I got problems at load but it was Epic Launcher fault.  It failed to update and don't give reasonable feedback, both times reinstalled epic launcher and it worked.
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