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Hello my friend cannot join my game, we have tried many other solutions. None seem to work, there is no error, not even a way to contact the devs for assistance. Does anyone know how I can get my friend into the game. Also, to add there is an exclamation mark on my name according to him. Please help.

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I actually tried this fix. :/ Didn't work...
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have you tried enabling portforwarding (or just for testing purpose making one or both pcs an exposed host)?
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do you know which ports the game use?
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No idea whatsoever what ports even are...
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I just checked with TCPView:
there are connections ranging from ports 3670 to 4044.
but the default ports for unreal engine games have been 7777-7779 in the past.

maybe you can try those or on first try checking with exposed host settings to be sure.
(but please don't keep it for the sake of your system security)

if this helps and none of the ports i listed are helping, maybe asking jace on twitter will give the answer.
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maybe you can also try this firewall config steps i found
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