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I currently find the current wall system a little too limiting. We are forced to select from a limited set of wall options, like two belt feeds, a single door centred, left, or right, blank, etc. If you wanted to change out what is on the wall you must delete what is there, choose something else, and then build that instead.

A Modular Wall system would allow for a far more flexible and personalised building system. How would this work?

In the Build Menu you would have a standard blank 'Modular Wall' and 'Additions'. Each Modular Wall would have hidden 'slots' that could take these additions. These additions would be things like conveyor feeds, conveyor belts, doors, windows, railing, etc.

You could put down a foundation, put down your blank wall, and then select a doorway. Hovering the doorway over the blank wall you would be prompted to choose to place the door on the right, left, or middle. You place in on the right. You then select the addition 'conveyor feed' and choose the middle slot. And finally you choose window, and select the left most. You now have a unique wall made to your purpose. You could then later choose to shift the feed to the right, door in the middle, and another feed on the left. Your options are limitless.

Another 'addition' would be 'Railing'. Select this 'Addition', apply it to the wall, instant half-wall, 'Wall Light' which would light up those dark buildings and the night would be a little bit brighter, or 'Power Connector' which would have a connector on each side, allowing power to be connected from outside the building to this, which would transfer power to its matching self on the inside for whatever you need to power inside. A minimum of one 'Power Connector' could be considered a minimum before wall lights, and doors, operate automatically.
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Maybe there could be a new tool, that allows you to copy, paste and saves wall layouts. It would also be cool, if this new wall editing system could allow you too place perpendicular wall conveyors on both sides of the wall.
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I really hope this (or something similar) will be added!
I would like to have a wall with two doors
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