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Add a late game foundation with power build in. Machines on top of it will get the power needed and generators will distribute to it aswell.

Could be expensive like 5x encased industrial beam + 1x circuit board + 10x quickwire.

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Spend some time reading around the official Wiki and you can see quite a lot of things that are planned and not in the game yet. One of which is "Powered Wall". But also: Quantum Encoder, Hadron Collider. The Hadron Collider is used with Quartz to create Dark Matter, which is one of the components needed to create Quantum Crystals. Quantum Crystals are use Superposition Oscillator. There's also "Remote Storage", which looks like you'll be able to transport materials from one side of the map to the other with no physical connection between, etc. 

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It appears from datamining that this is already planned.
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Do you have a list of other datamined features?
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many things, but CSS have asked not to make public what datamining has revealed, and I will respect that. For this specific feature request of yours, we should confirm that this is a thing currently hidden in the game, so it might be implemented, it might not.
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