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Add a late game equipment similar to the portable miner that can enrich the purity of resource nodes.

Balancing Options:

  1. The enrichment drone requires the same area as the miner, and therefore leaves that area unavailable until the enrichment process is complete.  The length of time required is dependent on the starting purity of the node, with Impure nodes taking the greatest amount of time, but the effect is permanent once completed.
  2. The enrichment drone can be placed around a currently constructed miner and would offer a "boost" to the node purity.  Multiple drones would be necessary to obtain full purity, especially on Impure nodes.  Pure nodes would be unaffected by this process.
  • Currently, the primary limiting factor on factory throughput is node purity.  This can be mitigated by various means; however, it is in the player's best interest to simply avoid Impure resource nodes entirely in favor of Normal or Pure nodes.  This effectively funnels players into specific areas of the map instead as some areas are objectively better than others.  Offering a way to control the purity of the resource nodes allows a player to fully exploit and adapt to the hand-crafted map instead of simply ignoring those areas that aren't viable.
  • Variable node purity should be part of the game mechanics for its logistical challenges, but tier progression is about gradually increasing the ability of the player to control their environment.  For example, we currently have access to a Miner Mk 2, which is essentially the exact same building as the Miner Mk 1 with double the output; however, this output will always be limited by the purity of the underlying node and therefore only serves to increase the importance of node purity.
  • Offering a dynamic process to increase throughput is more engaging and rewarding than offering increasingly expensive upgrades to current buildings.  It is exciting to obtain upgraded versions of buildings, but they are functionally identical and offer no additional logistical challenges or experimentation - it's just a matter of deconstructing the old building and building the new one.  A new process for interacting directly with the node (especially in option 1 above) offers new and intriguing challenges for a late game player who is seeking to optimize their factory with short term sacrifices for long term gains.
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I am vehemently against this. Magical node enrichment (what are we doing that a few minutes, or even hours, of work by this drone will allow a node to FOREVER provide more resource?) is too much like game breaking. Might as well ask all nodes to be rich from the beginning. You cannot accept that node diversion is needed in the game and then ask for a way to effectively remove this, even if it takes some kind of "work" to remove the poor nodes.
Mine everything, collect them all and then distribute.
The nodes are infinite production so even a 1/minute node is SOMETHING extra that down the line will pay itself back, simply by virtue of being infinitely producing.
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It is specifically because resource nodes are infinite that I believe such a system would not be game breaking (infinity + infinity = infinity). Impure nodes are infinite, but because their throughput is limited the locations they inhabit will be underutilized.

So I believe I've been misunderstood here. My primary concern is not actually about increasing throughput - we honestly have all we need and then some. The problem I see is that because the map is not randomly generated, there will always be objectively better areas for base construction, and therefore a large majority of this beautiful hand crafted map will not be exploited by the player base.

I do not claim that this is a perfect solution to the problem, but it is one that I believe would be both engaging and rewarding as a gameplay mechanic while not offering any advantage over nodes that are already being utilized.

What would you recommend?
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Now you are treading towards game design, where the game should push the player and how the player agency should be manifested and made important. This is a MUCH longer and much more nuanced discussion that I do not believe can be had here.
As a short answer: the devs have usage statistics, probably, or can get them. They will see if areas are ignored and by what percentage. I tend to use everything I find, so that is my data point.
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This enrichment could be a high cost consumable item with temporary effect maybe could work like a power cell inside a truck. Isn't a bad idea but if will bad execution the game could become too easy
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