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I'm torn about this one, after 2 play throughs, the gap between biomass and coal is almost too big of a leap.  Perhaps an alternative would be to have a very very 'bad' producing coal nodes closer to starting areas.  This way you could make the leap to coal processing but not have nearly enough coal to power your factory on coal and make steel...
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I'm torn on this, but I tend to agree that the path to coal is a taxing one. I'd like to see this shortened by some means, any. I would personally have this be in Tier 2 and lock Tier 2 until all Tier 1 are done.
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im playing on the 3rd map and the coal is a bit far away from the startpoint. but i was able to build a complete (steelfree) factory so i had all the needed Materials to build all MK.1 tools and machines. after collecting some needed materials i built a 2nd factory, and now i try to build to merge the two factories to one. i try to build a cargo area halfway between so its easier to build big.
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I agree with this. This is my first time playing, having lots of fun, but suddenly I get to the point where I need coal and the nodes near me (and I use the word "near" loosely here) and all in inaccessible spots: bottom of a crevice, top of a spire...
HUGE disappointment...
I get the creators of the game want to give a challenge, but this is just dumb.
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