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Greetings! Recently I have been working with the Tractor and Truck in Satisfactory, and in my playing I realized a specific structure would be extremely helpful; roads!

     I came up with an idea of how they could work as to make them simple and easy to use. You could take the existing Conveyor system, remove the pushing aspect, and increase the size to accommodate the Truck. In this system there would be two main components, Footings and Decks. A footing would be similar to a conveyor pole. Footings would be connected together by Decks, the conveyor-like object, to form a road.

     As for what materials would be used, I would say that both would be made with a mix of concrete and steel beams, or a new item called "Steel Rebar."

     I feel this could make a great addition to the game, and I would love to hear others opinions on what could make this system better.

Thank you,

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I like the idea of Footings and Decks, and more or less the whole idea of this road system. I would just like to remind the community that trains are on the road map, and the point of adding roads could end up being irrelevant.
If it got added I wouldn't complain, but that sounds like a future modding community project.
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I completely agree! Right now the beautiful landscape is looking like s**t because of all the platforms and ramps I've had to build to deal with the undulating terrain. Even if they don't add roads (which I think would be a fantastic addition), at least add some teraforming tools for us :)
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NOT Sarcastic, but then make steel rebar as upgrade to the rebar gun?

Yes, I know that there's another projectile type weapon in the game.
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What about a new truck that lays and digs up roads?
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Like the one in the Netherlands? Neat!
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