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Hello all !

From the first day of the early alpha, i have this freaking problem.

My game just crash at the beginning, when i launch it , it open and the first load screen is here, good, but when i  arrived in the menu, 5 or 10 seconde later the game crash and "Unreal engine bug report" appear.

The thing is, is that URE give nothing about the problem, and why it crash :

"Version: 0

You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash."

Sooooo i really don't know what to do if nothing more than make a ticket.

I reinstalled the game 3 times with more verification by epic game than you can imagine, i tried to lower my résolution, tried installing URE4 for the debugging log, tried to lower my graphic specification in the "EngineUserSetting".

I've seen something on msi afterburner when launching the game : ma gpu usage go flying at 99% , don't know why.

My graphic card is up to date and i see that i'm not alone whith this problem

I need your help ! please ! D':

My computer specification:

- Windows 7 64 bit

- I7 3770K

-16 GO of ram

- 2 x GTX 660 msi in SLI (the SLI is deactivated and the physx is charged on nvidia recommandation)

If you want more information please tell me.

I thank you in advance for you help.


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You might try Discord to see if a Dev can help with that.
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I have try it , and i have some people who were very friendly , who try to help me , but after a big night a trying, we can't seem to find a solution :/

Soooo, welp .
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